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AC102 26862 Mudd Manuscript Library
Living, Writing, Revising: Zora Neale Hurston and Self-Re-Creation in the Midst of a New Narrative of Black America Kirkpatrick, Genay Elizabeth
AC102 26863 Mudd Manuscript Library
Horrible Sanity: Autobiography and Modern Interpretations of Poe Kleinman, Alexis Hanna
AC102 26864 Mudd Manuscript Library
Reading for Reentry: Literature's Role in Alternative Sentencing Knoll, Tara Elizabeth
AC102 26865 Mudd Manuscript Library
From Nihilism to the New Deal: American Naturalist Novels and Social Reform Krueger, Benjamin S.
AC102 26866 Mudd Manuscript Library
The Object and Its Naming (poems) Kuchta, Michael David
AC102 26867 Mudd Manuscript Library
Roll! A Play in One Act (Playwriting) Kuperman, Jeffrey Daniel
AC102 26868 Mudd Manuscript Library
"Kon the Louis Vuitton Don": Rhyme in Kanye West's The College Dropout Lee, Hyung Lae
AC102 26869 Mudd Manuscript Library
Dark Matters: Milton as the Creative Source for Pullman's Dust Leyden, Taylor Cherrington
AC102 2687 Mudd Manuscript Library
A Comparative Analysis of the Mediaeval Saracens Large, H. W.
AC102 26870 Mudd Manuscript Library
Ask and it Shall be Given You (poems) Liuzzi, Cara
AC102 26871 Mudd Manuscript Library
Blue (CWR, short story) Loh, Alyssa Kylie
AC102 26872 Mudd Manuscript Library
Growing Pains: Maturation into Manhood in Baseball Literature Lopata, Jennifer Susan
AC102 26873 Mudd Manuscript Library
Educating Escape on The Postwar American Road Triptych: On The Road (Jack Kerouac), Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov), and The Crying of Lot 49 (Thomas Pynchon) Medina, Matthew Francisco
AC102 26874 Mudd Manuscript Library
Any Soul Can Be Yours: The Spiritual Kinship of Vladimir Nabokov and J. D. Salinger Newick, Zachary Eran
AC102 26875 Mudd Manuscript Library
The Tangles of Hyacinthine Locks, Wanton Ringlets, and Horrid Hair: The Miltonic Representation of Hair in Paradise Lost Nguyen, Rosaleen
AC102 26876 Mudd Manuscript Library
'Introducing New Gods': Shelley's Search for the Divine Oribhabor, Isedua Blessed
AC102 26877 Mudd Manuscript Library
"The Labyrinth of Her Own Creation": The Longing for Alternative Narratives in War Literature Park, Donna Seyoung
AC102 26878 Mudd Manuscript Library
"They Made Us Participate in Their Own Madness": Reading Place in Faulkner and Eugenides Rice, Shannon Mary
AC102 26879 Mudd Manuscript Library
The Female Reader in Middle English Literature, c. 1370-1450 Ripplinger, Michelle
AC102 2688 Mudd Manuscript Library
Cezanne and Painting Ferwerda, Floris L.
AC102 26880 Mudd Manuscript Library
Our Monsters, Our Mirrors: Julia Kristeva's Abjection in Pre-Modernist Literature Rivera, Victor Ivan
AC102 26881 Mudd Manuscript Library
Browning's Solitary Man: Victorian Ideals of Manhood and the Threat of the Masculine Other Rose, Quintilio Ramon
AC102 26882 Mudd Manuscript Library
The Written Cure: Applying Psychoanalysis and Trauma Theory to Margaret Mitchell and Her Work, Gone With the Wind Sally, Jake Richardson
AC102 26883 Mudd Manuscript Library
American Idols: Essays on David Foster Wallace and Literary Influence Schefer, Ned Whitman
AC102 26884 Mudd Manuscript Library
What 'These Pink Things Mean': The Erotic Potential of Contemporary Poetry, Explored Through Readings of Sylvia Path, Elizabeth Bishop, and Steven Wallace Shea, Allison Lindsay
AC102 26885 Mudd Manuscript Library
Canons of War: WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and the War on Terror Smyth, Peter Thomas
AC102 26886 Mudd Manuscript Library
Learning the Bond Business: Orphanhood and the Search for Home in The Great Gatsby Sullivan, Nora Byrne
AC102 26887 Mudd Manuscript Library
The 21st Century Author: Social Media and the Development of the Writer Tanner, Mark Samuel
AC102 26888 Mudd Manuscript Library
Georg Büchner's Woyzeck In a New Adaptation and with Commentary (Playwriting) Tucker, Cara Megan
AC102 26889 Mudd Manuscript Library
Productive Polyphony: Music's Humanizing Effect on the Modern Cinematic Narrative Turner, Jesseca Louise
AC102 2689 Mudd Manuscript Library
Piero della Francesca Lascelles, Jr., Charles Bishop
AC102 26890 Mudd Manuscript Library
Dickens, Education, and the Narrative Form Turner, Stephen Michael
AC102 26891 Mudd Manuscript Library
"The Music of Men's Lives": On Timeliness in Shakespeare Unger, Francisco Mangabeira
AC102 26892 Mudd Manuscript Library
"And allays at her book": Scenes of Reading in George Eliot's Novels Van Cleve, Sarah Robinson
AC102 26893 Mudd Manuscript Library
Silent Spring, Loud Response: The Public Mythologies and Political Impacts of Silent Spring Wesche, Elizabeth Claire
AC102 26894 Mudd Manuscript Library
From Antolini to Zooey: The Evolution of Spirituality in the Works of J. D. Salinger Westerman, Jessica Leigh
AC102 26895 Mudd Manuscript Library
Paradise, Incorporated: Consumption, Colonization, and the Setting of the Island in Castaway Literature, 1719-2000 Wilkinson, Ellizabeth Bond
AC102 26896 Mudd Manuscript Library
People Who Want Inappropriate Amounts of Sex and Loneliness: A Study on the Cinematic Treatment of Mad Characters Yang, Robin
AC102 26897 Mudd Manuscript Library
"Death-in-Life and Life-in-Death": The Soul Versus Society in Modern Literature Yanovsky, Jessica Rachel
AC102 26898 Mudd Manuscript Library
Generations of Silence: Cannonical English Characters in Postcolonial Texts Yu, Eugenia Lily
AC102 26899 Mudd Manuscript Library
Through the Looking-Glass and What Followed Us There: Fantasy's Real Shadow in Lewis Carroll's Alices, C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia, and J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter Zhang, Mona
AC102 2690 Mudd Manuscript Library
Type and Character: The Domestic Architecture of Ledoux, 1765-1785 Lattig, Lance
AC102 26900 Mudd Manuscript Library
"Princeton University Has Never Been Found Wanting" Princeton Mobilizes for World War II Adams, Marjorie Potts
AC102 26901 Mudd Manuscript Library
The One Percent: An Examination of the Relationship Between the Wealthiest Americans and Their Relative Views on Social Responsibility Antoine, Nicholas David
AC102 26902 Mudd Manuscript Library
Literature, Theatre, and the Arts of the French Romantic Movement: Romanticism as seen through Eugene Delacroix's Illustrations for Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust I Banfich, Alexandra Marie
AC102 26903 Mudd Manuscript Library
Patriotic Bodies Behind Bars: A Discussion of the Malaria Experiments on Prisoner Volunteers at the Atlanta and Stateville Penitentiaries from 1944 to 1946 Baran, Caitlin Elizabeth
AC102 26904 Mudd Manuscript Library
The Cyclical Relationship Between Nativism and Transnational Violence in Post-World War I and Post-World II United States History Barbuto, Vincent James Joseph Anthony
AC102 26905 Mudd Manuscript Library
Fitting Ideals into Reality: The International Olympic Committee and The War Against Doping, 1960-1990 Bargmann, Leslie Dickinson
AC102 26906 Mudd Manuscript Library
The Andaman Story: Deconstructing a National Mythology and Justifications for India's Ownership of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Beatty VI, Isaac Croom
AC102 26907 Mudd Manuscript Library
A Secondary Education: The Failure of Black Classical and Industrial Secondary Education in Washington, D.C. 1870-1970 Blount, Julia Meserve